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10 best preparations to Celebrate New Year’s Day

This New Year’s day will bring two major joys for us, one is we are entering a new year, the second one this will show our bravery that how we fought against the Covid-19 war and won. We will have to spend this 2021 New Year’s Day at home but if you are going outside you must cover your face with a mask and sanitize your hand.

2021 New Year's Day preparation
2021 New Year’s Day

But at the same time, we have to share the joy with our friends and relatives whose loved ones have been infected with the coronavirus. We should go to hospitals to meet them tell them that we are with them and those who have gone from this world by fighting against this war, they are not dead, they were Fighters.


Do’s and Don’ts on New Year’s Day

  1. Don’t Cry

Keep in mind not cry all day, even if your favorite football team lost the match. Because if you cried, your crying may have a bad effect on your future year.

  1. Keep Smile All the Day

Keep a smile all day and thinks only about the things you like. For instance, I like shopping I will visit my favorite brand store or will search on google because shopping gives me joy.

  1. Loan Restriction

Don’t take a loan on New Year’s Day and don’t pay them back it might be bad for you might be you owe it all the year. If you not done this your wallet will have been remain filled with money for the whole year.

  1. Visit Friends House

Visit your friend’s house on this day as you can’t go to a crowded place due to Quarantine. Spend this day as joy as you can. Pack some gifts like chocolate and other things he likes, for your friend.

  1. Positive thinking

Do positive thinking about your future and makes positive plans for what to do for the whole year. Forget about all bad that happens in the previous year, and do promise with yourself wouldn’t repeat in New Year’s.

  1. Forget all disputes live happily on New Year's day

Try to forget all the old new disputes. Forgive them who did wrong with you this will bring good in your New Year. If you start New Year with Tolerance and kindness then all the year will spend happily without any single dispute.

  1. Visit your Country’s Holy Places

Try to go to New Year’s Day in holy places in the early morning. Pray for yourself, your loved ones, and for your country.

  1. New Year’s lucky Food in Some countries

In some countries, it is considered to eat special fruits and food brings happiness in their life. So try to eat the fruit you think is lucky for you and your family.

Lucky fruits for New Year's Day
Lucky fruits for New Year’s Day
  • In China

In Some Countries, Rounded Fruits considers as good luck, like eating an orange is lucky for the Chinese, they think orang helps them stay away from bad luck.

  • In Vietnam

They say red is the lucky color for them so, in Vietnam, everybody serves red watermelon to their table.

  • In Italy

They think Green Lentils are lucky for them, so they eat on New Year’s Day.

  • In South

It is considered to eat black beans because it shows humility.

  • In Germany

The Germans eat green vegetables because they think green is the sign of “Money”. The more green you would eat on New Year’s day the more you get a fortune in the coming year. Some people also eat fish on New Year’s Day.

  1. Avoiding white color

Avoid eating white things (egg) and wearing white a color dress in some countries like China and India consider not good for New Year’s Day as this color is the sign of sorrow and grief.

  1. Avoid Breaking Things

Don’t break things on New Year’s Day.






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