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AmazonBasics HardSide Carry-On Spinner Suitcase Luggage

AmazonBasics hard side spinner luggage has many qualities, it has made up according to the latest travel needs. AmazonBasics hard side spinner luggage’s wide capacity helps to keep more essentials. Its hard side helps to prevent breakage. The exterior hard side helps you to travel in the hills. With this, you will fear-free on rainy days. Even you can easily travel in any weather. The AmazonBasics hard side spinner luggage highly recommended for those people who love travel and are much curious about their essentials during travel.

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Color:  21-inch hard side spinner international carry-on is available in black, blue, navy blue, and orange color.

 Interior dimentions : 13.3*9.6*18.5

Inner qualities: The HardShell protects from scratch resistance; it is made of a fully lined interior with a divider; three zipper pockets to store smaller items. Extra-thick ABS use to enhance strength and durability.

Outer qualities: Four double spinner wheels ensure the smooth-rolling moveability in any directions of the bag

The telescoping handle is fit on the top for comfortable maneuvering;

Suitcase outer dimensions: 14.9*10*21.6

Weight: 7.34 lbs

Full Reviews

AmazonBasics hard side spinner luggage sets
It is a great choice for international travel. The 21 inches hard side luggage gives the opportunity to add more essential to it. it is also very important for weekend trips. The interior is divided up very sensibly if you pack with the rolling techniques you can fit a huge amount of luggage in it. It opens like a clamshell bag and you have good access to every inside. The inside zippers glided effortlessly and the inside lining is very sturdy.

AmazonBasics HardShell with finish scratch-resistance
The AmazonBasicss hardshell luggage sets features give peace of mind, that the stored item in luggage would not be destroyed if it crashes in the route. The hard shell scratch resistance keeps your luggage safe even in rough and rainy conditions. You can travel in any weather and area.

Fully Lined Interior and Amazing Zipper Pockets
A fully lined, luggage helps to keep clothes free from scratch and snags, while the handy divider helps to keep clothes in neat and straight conditions.

Amazonbasic hardside luggage set
An interior organizer made of 150d polyester for exceptional strength. it has three zippers pockets inside the bag to keep the small things like a mobile phone charger and camera. With the expansion of the zipper, this thin can hold a ton of luggage, which is great for an over-packer.

Telescoping Handle and Short Mounted Short Handle

hardside luggage with telescoping handle
For more convenience, the Amazonbasics hard side spinner luggage has a telescoping handle that is placed at its top. Open the handle when it is rolling the luggage, and then close it down in one smooth move compact storage when not in use or when placing in the closet. The strap is pretty sturdy and has a good rubberized texture for a good hand feel and grip.
On the other side, the handle is a bit wobbly and could be more solid for sure.


Durable Luggage With Spinner Wheel

It has four double spinner wheels. The wheels remain smooth even after the walk on the bumpy street. The cracks will not damage the wheels. You will really like the 4-wheel rolling feature, rather than having to always pull it behind you.

hardside luggage with spinner wheel
Even the wheels roll easily and smoothly even over the carpet, which many airports have on the floor. The spinner wheels have rubber to make sure they aren’t too loud and seem to be well made.

The four multi-directional wheels are incredibly handy. The exterior hard side helps you to travel in the hills. With this, you will fear-free on rainy days. Even you can easily travel in any weather. It is found to be very spacious for small luggage, and have no problems packing items for a full 1-week trip.
It is good for a medium-heavy business traveler. The wheels on the bottom are incredibly convenient, save a lot of pain and pressure on the shoulder and wrist as you are wheeling it from place to place. This suitcase is highly recommended for people with arthritis, carpal tunnel, or any other joint/shoulder/neck/back pains.
It has a compartmentalized interior so that you can pack away dirty clothes from clean clothes or shoes, etc. It was rugged enough to get through a trans-Atlantic trip without any problems. Insider is easy to organize, lots of room, and useful pockets/holders.


The largest size (28″) will fit your extremely large items but be careful on the overall weight limit as it is a big bag and you could easily exceed the airline’s 50 lb limit if you stuff it full. The texture of the outside surface doesn’t allow plastering the suitcase with stickers to suit the whims. Some stickers work but have to find out. It does not have any locking mechanisms system of its own.

The only problem with the 4-wheel system is when you stand still for a while on a slope of any sort, it’s going to slide almost no matter what you do- but if you just keep a hand on top of it gently, it will stay stationary.


There is a great offer that the luggage can be replaced free under warranty. Amazonbasics hard side luggage has one year warranty. If you face issues in one year like the wheel, handle, and zip bag will replace under one year.

hardside luggage available in different sizes

The bag is available in different colors and different sizes like 21 inches, 28 inches, and 30 inches.



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