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Best Luggage under $100

Are you going on a vacation, don’t want to spend high on luggage, so here is the list of some luggage, which prices are under $100. The luggage can be expensive with its advanced option which wouldn’t be afforded sometimes, so here are some alternate options with advanced options only in Under $100. There are so many Luggage brands which prices are under 100$ but they don’t give all options like durability, warranty, and TSA Lock, etc.


Rockland Soft side Upright Luggage under $100

Rockland Luggage under $100
Rockland Luggage

Suitcase dimensions including wheels: 21″ x 13″ x 7.5″

Tote Bag Dimensions: 14″x 11″x 5.5″

Weight: 6.78pounds

Ratings: 4.5


If you are a frequent traveler, and looking for Luggage under $100, then Rockland Softside Upright Luggage is Best for you. These two bags are amazing in their size and best in price. I mean you can keep all your stuff in it. If you stuffed a lot in it, then it to can still fit easily over a head bin or under the seat.

The bag is strong and available in a variety of unique colors and prints. The Rockland Luggage is manufacture with strong Polyester and PVC backing. The two inline skate wheels help to move smoothly on the road.  Stability bars added at the bottom to avoid tilting the luggage. The tote bag has a detachable and adjustable non-slip shoulder strap.

There are several zippered areas to keep all small and big items. The Zippers are secure, strong, and easy to hold up. The top and side handle gives more comfort to grip it. The telescoping handle also helps to slip a small bag on it and is stress-free to pull both luggage together.

The Rockland Luggage is so roomy and Expandable. We can expand luggage 2” deep. The interior is fully lined with a black color fabric. The best benefit of this bag is especially, it wouldn’t bother you at the airport, easy to recognize, and makes a lower risk of getting lost or stolen. The front small pockets hold a laptop, toiletries, and some snacks. You will get all these options in Luggage under $100


It can fall over when it is in an upright position due to 2 wheels you can see at the same price.

The stoppers at the bottom are short.

No TSA Lock, but if you are looking for TSA approved Luggage under $100, then Samsonite Centric Expandable luggage is best for you


Lesser in price

2-piece set in under $100


Samsonite Windfield Hardside 20” Luggage under $100

Samsonite Luggage under $100
Samsonite Windfield Luggage under $100


Dimensions: 23.0″ x 14.5″ x 9.5″

Weight: 6.7lbs

Ratings: 4.6

The Samsonite Windfield luggage is extremely lightweight, durable and TSA approved luggage is under $100. The Windfield Luggage is made up of polycarbonate material. The material absorbs impact while it is under stress, popping up back in its original shape, eliminating dents, and protects content.

The Suitcase is far roomier inside and much lighter if you packed a lot in it, it wouldn’t be weighted. The inside small pockets are zippered, so you can secure small items in these pockets. The x-shape belt performs a good job, keeps clothes in their place even when the luggage is straight. You can also expand despite its wider size.

The luggage has 4 spinner wheels, If you are looking for double spinner wheel luggage under $100 then Samsonite Freeform is a cool option. The case turns 360 degrees without a hitch. The wheels help to move the bag on cobble road, and pavement. The telescoping handle glides smoothly and is sturdy to accommodate a laptop backpack. In addition, the side handles are beautifully positioned, when you need to hoist your luggage by its side for as when you place it upon your bed or hold it in an airport.

The luggage is equipped with an advanced TSA lock system. The Samsonite suitcases are good to go safely. TSA lock system helps you stay tension-free at airport, train, and bus stops. There is no key required to open luggage, only a security code is used to open luggage. If unluckily, bad persons try to open your bag to get money and other important things they can’t open luggage until they did get lock code



  • Under 100$
  • Lightweight
  • It Shocking spacious inside given the outside measurements!
  • Extremely convenient four-wheel design.
  • Gorgeous colors.
  • Strong, easy-to-close zippers.



  • No side padded handle
  • The beautiful exterior does seem to scratch rather easily





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