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Hajj & Umrah

Makkah-Al-Mukrma is the holiest city for Muslims. The word Hajj means “to attend a journey”. Hajj is compulsory one time in life for every Muslim man and woman. Hajj is the fifth pillar of Islam. The holy prophet buried under the green Dome in masjid al Nabawi, with two companions Millions of pilgrims come every year for Hajj. Since it is a tradition to visit the mosque after the pilgrimage to Mecca.

Hajj & Umrah
Hajj & Umrah

Hajj & Umrah Travel Instructions in COVID-19

Hajj & Umrah instructions
Hajj & Umrah instructions in Covid-19

If a person wants to travel to Saudi Arabia for travel intent or Umrah and he was identified with the COVID-19 or he was in the contact with an individual, who was diagnosed with the COVID-19, He should declare to health authorities in his country, and not travel until 14 days after diagnosis or last contact, for violations They would be subjected to fines not exceeding (500,000) Saudi Riyals, and held accountably.

Perform the COVID-19 test, and the test result is proof of COVID-19 clearance. Violators not be entered in Saudia.

During Umrah, avoid closing contact with people who suffer from acute respiratory infections.

Wash your hands frequently.

Tips and Umrah packing list

These are the important tips for a pilgrimage who is traveling to Saudia Arabia for Hajj and umrah’s purpose. He can read these tips and keep in mind during packing.

A towel



An umbrella

Shampoo, soap, detergent

Comb, oil

Tablets for tiredness, or if you are suffering from any disease, take the medicine that your physician suggested

Dry milk, electric kettle.

A packet of face mask due to pandemic

Hand sanitizer



Luggage for Hajj & Umrah  

A hard shell and good quality luggage for Hajj& Umra, and a built-in locking system, bright color is recommended.

Avoid taking soft and vinyl luggage for Hajj & Umrah as thieves can easily cut and do not keep money and important documents in it.

Hang a small bag around your neck during Hajj & Umrah and arm and keep your phone, money, and other important things in it.

Lock your suitcase while you are not present in your room and take two keys, one keep in a pocket and the other keep in a safe place. Keep enough clothes in the bag.

Your luggage must be fit in the overhead bin, or under the seat.

The luggage that you bring on the board, should no more than 32kg for business class, for economy class luggage weight is 23kg and must not exceed the dimension of 45 linear inches, 115cm should be length width.

Your ticket will indicate your luggage allowance.

If you have any doubts about luggage allowances, please check with your airline.

Clothing for Hajj and Umrah

Clothes for Hajj & Umrah
Clothes for Hajj & Umrah


Makkah’s weather is too hot that needs to change clothes 2.3 times a day. Keep a needle, thread because the clothes tear due to sweat. Don’t use any scent on the body and the clothes. Wearing the ihram is to make the person humble, as to whether the person is rich or poor, everyone will be wearing the same thing which shows unity.

Women should wear loose-fitting Abaya during the Hajj. They can wear in both black and white colors. White-colored Abaya is advised due to Makkah and Madina’s atmosphere. Our depart is also in white color. It is a reminder of the shroud that we will wear when we depart this earth.

Do’s and Don’s for Umrah


The appropriate garments are recommended for men and women. Before entering the ihram, shaving hair and facial hair is most important. There is no prescribed ihram for women, but ensure the clothes must be cover the body parts.

During the hajj, it is important to know how Muhammad performed the hajj. You will see some innovations during the hajj, it was not in adherence to the Prophet’s actions. An example of these innovations is throwing different items other than stones at Jamarat, as well as loudly cursing the devil.

Every pilgrim should obligate to treat their fellow pilgrims gently. Be aware of public safety, during tawaf and walking in Safa and Marwa. Take care not to jostle because you wish to touch the Ka’aba or other sacred iconography.

Try visiting the most places in both Makkah and Madinah especially the mosque. It will be really unfortunate for pilgrims who fail to see the historically religious places. Jannatul Mualla, Masjid Aisha, The Cave of Hira, The Cave of Thawr, Masjid e Quba are the holy Mosques.

If you are performing hajj and umrah during December keep warm clothes along with the shawl in your luggage.



If you are going to Hajj avoid taking a loan, especially those who are involving in ihram. Due to participating in the Hajj, if you have financial clashes, then It is more important to pay off debts. Ensure that you have enough money to take care of your loved ones, and then it is mandatory to repay debtors.

Before the Hajj Don’t tire yourself in shopping. If you do too much in Madina you will be tired and might have no energy to perform hajj in a good way and quite possibly fall sick. Bring some vitamin C to keep your immunity up.

During the Hajj /Umrah

  • Muslim women are not to be cover their faces when in ihram. Perfume and make-up are not be worn.
  • Don’t push each other. The crowded conditions are already injury-prone, so take care of yourself young, children, and especially elders around you.
  • As you know Makkah’s climate is hot and dry, Hydrate yourself even though the facilities might not always be conveniently accessible, it is more dangerous to not be hydrate. Have a water bottle all the time.

Set your expectations not high as a lot of people found disappointed by conditions and environment during the Hajj, from cleanliness. Focus on Allah, not on your situation then your mood will change


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