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Rockland Luggage set Reviews and Ratings

Are you looking for a Lightweight master-piece suitcase with less price?

Rockland Luggage is best for you.

In this Rockland luggage review, we will briefly describe its features (handle, wheel, zippers, space). Rockland luggage is ideal because of its unique and eye-catching colors. The Rockland bag collection is available in both hard and soft cases. The Rockland soft Side Upright luggage is available with a 4.5 rating for less than 100$. They are also available in 2-piece sets and 3-piece sets.

Rockland was made in 1998 by fox luggage, since its inception, they are producing high-quality bags and luggage for style-savvy travel. Rockland feels proud by creating quality products according to current trends and design.


In some other cheap luggage manufacturers brands, you will find something better in Rockland. The Rockland is well-reviewed but like not TravelPro and Samsonite Omni PC.

Let’s discuss some of the products in detail

Rockland Melbourne Hardside Luggage

Dimension:28″x 17″x 12″

Weight: 5.9pounds


The Rockland Melbourne is made up of ABS material, the material is lightweight, and durable which protects your stuff in luggage. The Rockland Melbourne 28 inches is the best selling product in Rockland because ABS material is cheap in the price and good enough quality wise.

Rockland Luggage Melbourne 3-piece set telescoping handle

The luggage is hard from the outer. Double 4 spinner wheels are easy to move around. The wheels are plastic it is better to use 2 wheels instead of four if the surface is uneven like bricks. The Upper and side handle is used to put the bag easily anywhere. There is no attached lock. The 2 inches upright expands an extra maximizes your packing capacity.


From inside, the suitcase is made up of fabrics material. yeah inside fabric is not sturdy so take much care during packing this may be torn due to overstuffing. A mesh zip pocket is used to keep small items, especially makeup for me. The strips in middle are used to keep items in their place even if the bag is straight.

Rockland Luggage Melbourne 3-piece set

During travel, I had to walk miles away wheels worked perfectly. The aluminum top handle is so sturdy that helps to drag a bag, even if the bag is weighted.  I had to wait at the airport, handle helped me to keep the backpack on top.

TSA lock is not attached to the luggage. This is probably obvious from the pictures but for those of you that naturally expect luggage with embedded locks, this one comes with an external one.

The carry-on will not disappoint you but shows you some wear which can happen during travel’s banged around but not as much as you would expect after heavy use. The bag is enough for a 7 or 10 days trip.

Rockland Melbourne Luggage Hardside 3-price set

Rockland Luggage Melbourne 3-piece set

The Luggage is also available in 2-piece and 3-piece sets. if you are going family trip 3-piece will be best for you same color and design will show your love and unity. The family pieces are available in

The warranty is good with this amount, yeah but I am not saying best. It could arrive strange plastic smelly but it is not anything unusual for well brand new plastic.

Rockland London Hardside Mint Carry on

Dimension 13″x 10″x 20″    Rockland London Luggage

Weight 7.5

Rating 4.6

The Rockland London Luggage is made up of ABS material.  The baggage is much lighter than Samsonite. The luggage is sturdy in this small amount. I ordered this piece of carry-on for my honeymoon trip, it shipped quickly. I ordered this piece because the mint color is looking so great, and whenever you will see toward luggage it refreshes your mind. Most girls like pink and some mint colors that’s why I chose this. I found the same as seen in the picture. The luggage was so great.

The luggage has 4 double spinner wheels that turn pretty well. They are super sturdy and far better with this price than countless suitcases with flimsy wheels. The telescoping handle is super sturdy and looks decent because of Rockland’s logo. But the handle was a little wobbly for me as it isn’t like high-end luggage as I am tall and the handle was a bit short.

From inside, baggage is wide to pack stuff for a week trip. Love inner small pockets, I kept my small items. But I wish there were more few internal pockets. The polka dots on the inside is so cute. The deep inner side had X-shaped straps to fasten over the clothes. The lock which comes with luggage was not TSA approved, so it is up to you to use it or not.

The Rockland London mint Luggage 3- piece set

The luggage is also available in three-piece sets, the smaller piece can fit easily in the bigger one. I would recommend this luggage. The Rockland London luggage has a variety of colors to choose from according to taste.



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